Live Drawing Video × 4

I do 1 drawing per 2 days, so I hadn't updated here every drawing.

I'd drawn 4 last weeks.  The first 2 was planned to draw Infant Body Type, but it's not so suitable to my drawing style.  So I turned back to my standard type.

No more talks, let's see the video~

2015-01-09 JK

2015-01-10 朝起きた少女 (Girl waked up on morning)

2015-01-11 春風 (Spring Wind)

2015-01-13 Idol

未來會盡量一幅一帖的。。。。盡力。。。盡。。力。。。吧 >.<
I will arrange the post here by one drawing one post  ..... try.... my .....  hard >.<


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